For Those Who Grieve

Monument. Photo by Michael Hudson.

When a loved one dies, the pain of grief can be difficult to deal with.

Grief support is available through many church and community groups. If you’re seeking bereavement support, you may wish to begin by speaking with your parish priest or the health centre where your loved one received care. Whether or not these avenues fit with your circumstances, you can also find support through the Toronto branch of Bereaved Families of Ontario and/or GriefShare.

St. James’ Cemetery & St. James’ Cathedral host two annual services which are designed to serve those who grieve. We invite you to inquire with the office to learn more about them:

“All Souls Requiem”
November | The Chapel of St. James-the-Less (635 Parliament Street)
Offered annually on the first Saturday in November, those who grieve are invited to submit the names of deceased loved ones in advance to be read at this service of memorial.

“Blue Christmas”
December | St. James’ Cathedral (65 Church Street)
Offered annually in the first half of December, this is a service of prayer and reflection for when Christmas is a difficult time.