St. James Cemetery
& Crematorium

635 Parliament Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4X 1R1, Canada
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Casket Graves
Casket Graves
Each single grave will accommodate two casket interments and also allow for the interment of cremated remains. Many of the locations available permit an upright monument.
Cremation Burial Plots
Cremation Burial Plots
For those who prefer in-ground interment of cremated remains. Included is a blank 18”x12” unpolished pink granite flat memorial marker. Each plot will accommodate one to four interments.
Columbarium Niches
Our freestanding granite columbarium is located in an attractive landscaped setting. Each niche will accommodate a maximum of two standard size cremation urns.
Scattering Garden
Scattering Garden
Cremated remains can be scattered in our designated memorial rose garden. An optional bronze plaque is available for those who wish to memorialize their loved one.
Memorial Trees & Plaques
The memorial tree program not only provides another means to commemorate life, but also helps to improve the environment and beautify the cemetery. Each tree comes with an 16”x8” plaque that will sit flush with the ground level. Program currently unavailable.
Markers and Monuments
A wide range of designs and granites are available for sale through the cemetery office. We will work with you to design and personalize a memorial that reflects the individual.
Additional lettering may need to be added at a later date. Our office can arrange for this work to be completed.
Pre-Need Services
Pre-planning of cemetery services is available through our office. Pre-planning gives you the time to make decisions and provides you and your family peace of mind. By purchasing at today’s prices, you protect yourself from inflationary increases in the future.
Annual Special Care
Arrangements can be made through our office for planting flowerbeds, re-seeding and watering. Special care season is from early June through to September.
Christmas Wreaths
Beginning in early November each year the Cemetery office has a variety of wreaths on display.

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